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Ep 214: Adrianna Herrera - Controlling Your Destiny

April 21, 2021 Derek Phifer Season 2 Episode 14
Jaded 80s Baby
Ep 214: Adrianna Herrera - Controlling Your Destiny
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Hiring season is in full swing, so I brought in a heavy hitter to help you improve your chances of landing that dream job. Adrian Herrera, the founder and CEO of HolaDestiny stopped by to help you learn how to answer some of those trap interview questions, value yourself, get the salary you want, and much more.
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Who is Adrianna Herrera and what is HolaDestiny?
The origin of HolaDestiny.
The wage gap in the tech industry.
How the right tech accelerator can help build your business.
How do you break through the glass ceiling?
Tips to help you ace that next job interview.
Tell me about your biggest weakness? Adrianna tells us how to answer classic question.
When is the best time to ask for a pay increase?
Is it taboo to talk about salary during the initial interview?
Properly valuing yourself: How to respond when they ask for your salary expectations.
Tokenism: Should you answer or decline the EEO survey on job applications?
Looking job loss/gain numbers in 2020. Why were women impacted more than men?
Other projects
Connect with Adrianna online.
Final words of advice.