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Ep 212: Mark Vorderbruggen - Foraging Texas

April 07, 2021 Derek Phifer Season 2 Episode 212
Ep 212: Mark Vorderbruggen - Foraging Texas
Jaded 80s Baby
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Today we’ve got a different type of guest on the show. Ph.D., chemist, and forager, Mark Vorderbruggen, is stopping by to talk about plant-based living, why we should refamiliarize ourselves with nature, and how we could improve our health with plants that probably grow somewhere near our homes.
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Oilfield chemist to renowned forager. The transition of a lifetime.
How do we discover which plants are edible?
The rise in popularity of plant-based nutrition. Can you be pro-pharmaceutical and pro-plant?
The donut shop at the beginning of the world. Logistical nightmares.
Why should you learn how to forage?
Foragers vs hunters. Who would survive longer?
The Idiot’s Guide to Foraging.
The proper way to smoke.
Future projects.
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