Jaded 80s Baby

Ep 211: Christian Nelson - Long Way to Go

March 31, 2021 Derek Phifer Season 2 Episode 11
Jaded 80s Baby
Ep 211: Christian Nelson - Long Way to Go
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This week on the podcast, singer and songwriter, Christian Nelson is stopping by to talk about his new EP, his storied musical past, the future of R&B, and plenty more.

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The origin of Christian Nelson as an artist.
Writing for himself and a variety of superstar singers. Meet Captain Hook.
Is real R & B making a comeback? The music scene in Atlanta.
Network vs talent. What’s more important to success in the music industry?
Whatever happened to…? The rise in one-hit wonders within the industry.
Making a career writing jingles and theme songs. How does it help you as an artist?
How is the best music made? What’s your goal?
Is there an overabundance of good beats?
Music is a universal language. The coolest experiences rooted in music.
Where does Christian get his inspiration? The power of jazz.
The Christian Nelson Experience, the EP.
What will be Christian Nelson’s musical legacy?
Connect with Christian online.