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Ep 210: Purdeep Sangha - Building The Complete Man

March 17, 2021 Derek Phifer Season 2 Episode 10
Jaded 80s Baby
Ep 210: Purdeep Sangha - Building The Complete Man
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This week on the pod, my guest is Purdeep Sangha. He’s the CEO and Founder of The Complete Man. What’s that? You’ll have to tune in to find out. 

But I will tell you we talked about business, relationships, red pill culture, toxic masculinity, and a host of intriguing topics.
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Who is Purdeep Sangha
Making money vs quality of life. How can you get both?
Why does it take so long for men to “put it all together?”
Are men taught not have dreams or goals?
Did the millennials get it right? The pursuit of happiness.
How are cancel culture and phrases like toxic masculinity impacting male development?
What are the long-term ramifications of the rise in red pill culture amongst men?
Who is happier, single men or men with a significant other?
Building the complete man. Figuring out what you really want.
Sample exercise from Purdeep’s program. What do you actually value?
Purdeep’s book, The Complete Man. The importance of the energy you give to world.
What’s next? Purdeep’s upcoming projects.