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EP 203: Precious Pioneer - Foodies Unite!

January 27, 2021 Derek Phifer Season 2 Episode 3
Jaded 80s Baby
EP 203: Precious Pioneer - Foodies Unite!
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I started this podcast because I wanted to hear fresh perspectives from inspiring individuals like my guest this week.

In this episode, I’ll be talking to Precious Pioneer. She’s a foodie, a chef, a podcaster, and an all-around creative soul. She’s all about sustainable food, fixing problems, and embracing the curveballs that life throws at you.

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Who is Precious Pioneer?
Precious “The Foodie” goes to culinary school. The connective power of food.
The real definition of a foodie?
Precious “The Foodie” – the podcast. Sustainable/healthy food and the Black community
The battle for hearts and minds. Changing peoples’ relationship with food
What is a sustainable chef? Knowing where your food comes from
2020 and the vulnerability of the food industry
The fallacy of controlling your own life. Putting undue pressure on yourself
Future plans. Creative abundance vs distraction.
Final words of advice. Connect with Precious online.