Jaded 80s Baby

EP 202: Vanessa Zamy - Side Hustlers Need Love Too

January 20, 2021 Season 2 Episode 2
Jaded 80s Baby
EP 202: Vanessa Zamy - Side Hustlers Need Love Too
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Not everyone is the type that is ready to or even can, ditch their 9-to-5 to go chasing their dreams of being an entrepreneur. I’ve had a lot of entrepreneurs and coaches on the show, but my guest this week has dedicated herself to helping the 9-to-5ers get their businesses up and running without sacrificing the security of their day job.

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Why focus on 9-to-5ers
Entrepreneurship is not just for the risk takers
What sets Fortune 500 companies apart
The first step to becoming a more efficient entrepreneur/solopreneur
The most common idea for new entrepreneurs
The biggest hurdles for entrepreneurs outside of money and confidence
Do we have enough coaches? Who needs a coach?
Why isn’t a lack of money a real issue?
The mental health aspect of Vanessa’s work
The importance of changing the employee mindset of the Black community
Vanessa’s best-selling book. America’s obsession with being busy
Vanessa’s other projects. Connect with Vanessa online
Final words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs