Jaded 80s Baby

EP 134: The Christmas Special

December 23, 2020 Derek Phifer Season 1 Episode 34
Jaded 80s Baby
EP 134: The Christmas Special
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I’m going to be taking a week or so off for the holidays, but I wanted to leave you with something for Christmas. To finish out 2020, I took 10 of my favorite conversations with this year’s guests and put them together. These are the moments that always make me smile, laugh, or reflect when I listen back on them.  The topics range from music to finance and entrepreneurship.

Hopefully, they can bring you the same joy that they bring me.  Merry Christmas.

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Virtue Grace. The relationship between Africans and African-Americans.
Colin Thompson. The importance of investing in the market and crypto currency.
Coach Cam. Defining your own legacy.
Manny Faces. Accountability in hip-hop. Who is responsible?
Yohance Salimu. Getting raped as a teenager.
Trina Casey. Relative truths vs absolute truths.
Sam Johnson. Trading bad breakup stories.
Neosha. The creative process, studio magic, and Pioneer Chromatic.
Allen C. Paul. The myth of being busy.
Billionaire P.A. The greatest story ever told.