Jaded 80s Baby

EP 133: Manny Faces - Hip-Hop Can Save America

December 16, 2020 Derek Phifer Season 1 Episode 33
Jaded 80s Baby
EP 133: Manny Faces - Hip-Hop Can Save America
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Have you ever your faith in something or someone restored? I imagine that the feeling is akin to getting a new lease on life. 

My guest this week is journalist/hip-hop advocate, Manny Faces, and he just might have managed to convince me that I shouldn’t feel so jaded with the culture and music that I grew up on. He stopped by to talk about some of the ambitious hip-hop-driven initiatives that are underway in our communities to help spark a positive change. We also talked about accountability and balance within the industry as well as the global impact of the artform.
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Passion for hip-hop culture and music.
First exposure to hip-hop. Favorite era of music. Hope for today’s rap music.
Uncovering the hidden gems in hip-hop. Did Covid kill NY’s live music scene?
The legitimacy of hip-hop as a force of positive change. Hip-Hop as a tool for learning.
The importance of musical content. Balance in music & creating valuable music.
The drug culture within hip-hop music. The need for diversity in hip-hop.
Who is more responsible for influencing our kids, the parents or the artists?
The Hip-Hop Advocate newsletter. Covering the positive news within hip-hop.
Money doesn’t make you more qualified or important. Where’s the protest music?
Is there hope for hip-hop going forward?
The global influence and power of hip-hop.
Rapid fire with Manny Faces
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