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Ep 132: Billionaire P.A. - Tap In

December 09, 2020 Derek Phifer Season 1 Episode 32
Jaded 80s Baby
Ep 132: Billionaire P.A. - Tap In
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Do you believe in speaking your dreams into existence? 

My guest this week is the world changer himself, Billionaire P.A., and he wholeheartedly believes in speaking life into your dreams. He wants to make sure he leaves his imprint on the world and encourages everyone to use their gifts. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an employee, or a stay-at-home parent, Billionaire P.A. has a message that will change your life.

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How did Billionaire P.A. fall on hard times.
Developing the wealthy mindset. What are its characteristics?
Speaking your dreams into existence. Why is it important?
The prevalence of faking it until you make it within the culture.
Does society condition us to live in a box? Changing the employee-mindset.
Doing what you love and operating in your gift. Gifts vs hobbies.
Valuing yourself properly. Taking control from the major content distribution platforms.
Interacting with your clients. The importance of letting people see your personality.
Seeking therapy to find balance. Being more relatable.
Separating business from politics and religion. Refocusing a conversation.
Moving past rejection. Removing expectations.
Why we need to own more land and businesses within the African-American community.
People don’t value anything that’s free.
Will P.A. create his own school/school system?
Knowledge of the elders. Old wisdom. Why do we care what people think about us?
Is the Black community is too reactive?
The greatest story ever told. Staying tapped in.